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Ahok Setuju Hukum Kebiri Kimia untuk Predator Anak


JAKARTA,- President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) agrees to apply the law of castration for pedophiles and immediately publish The Perppu. Jakarta Governor Basuki T Purnama supports this step to provide a deterrent effect for offenders.

“I agree if it proved. So there is an effect,” said Ahok at køb billige nba trøjer City Hall, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, on Friday (23/10/2015).

In addition to provide a deterrent effect, this gelding penalty would make people afraid to do it. He also supports the President Jokowi published perppu as the legal basis of this punishment.

“With perppu it will be better,” he continued.

State Secretary Pramono Agung said that in determining the sentence, the President Jokowi has been considered for the perpetrators of human rights. However, violence against children has a big impact and inhumane.

Perppu draft being prepared by the relevant ministries under the coordination of Coordinate Minister for PMK. Initiatives regarding this punishment decided upon basketball trøye NBA in a limited cabinet meeting at the State Palace on Tuesday (20/10).

Chemical castration is often considered as an alternative to a life sentence or even the death penalty, because sex offenders can be freed by reducing or even eliminating the opportunity for them to commit the same crime.



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