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Mengapa pria memiliki jakun?



Merdeka.com – To distinguish between men and women from the apparance, there is one thing that can not be hidden by the man is Adam’s apple. Adam’s apple is a lump that appeared on the front of his neck. But do you know why only men who have Adam’s apple?

Reporting from Live Science, Behold Adam’s apple is owned by men and women. Only Adam’s apple owned by men are larger and stand out to the outside. Men have a large Adam’s apple because it has a larger larynx. The magnitude of the larynx makes a man’s voice becomes heavier, larger and deeper than the female voice.

At the timem when child, there is no big difference in the larynx and a prominent Adam’s apple between men and women. When it entered puberty, the Adam’s apple belongs to the man become bigger and stand out due to the increased levels of testosterone and the enlargement of the sound. In women, the larynx has not changed and enlarged so that the voice of women also tend not changed much before and after puberty.

So Adam’s apple differences between men and women is indeed the biological process which appears in accordance with the age and development of the sound changes.


original source http://www.merdeka.com

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