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Misteri Noktah Merah dan Gelombang Aneh di Jupiter


Jakarta, Indonesia CNN – Every year NASA Hubble telescope transmit photographs from space and time, which are sent photographs of the Jupiter. Two things are interesting from Jupiter is a rare sighting of a wave in the north of the equator of the planet and the famous red dot position of the planet, the Great Red Spot.

“Every time I see Jupiter, we always get new amazing things that is happening,” said Amy Simon, a NASA scientist at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, told CS Monitor .. “This time was no exception.”

Hurricane-sized planets have been studied for more than 300 years. It turns out, from day to day, the storm is getting smaller and more rounded.

His name might be changed. Instead of still red, the storm was now looked weakened and the color had changed to orange. The size is 240 kilometers shorter than that observed in 2014.

Meanwhile, another interesting thing is the invisibility of a mysterious wave in the planet’s northern equatorial belt. This wave actually been detected in several decades ago, by the spacecraft Voyager 2, which glide in 1977.


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