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Penampakan Gadis Kecil di Sungai Australia


A family vacation in Lockyer River. But the family photo shows a figure little girl.

Kim Davison family vacation to Lockyer River in Queensland, Australia that is often called as a Murphy Hole. Kim said that there were only five members of his family that swimming in the river.

However, when viewing the captured image, Kim was surprised when she saw her picture. she looked carefully a figure that is present in the midst of her family

“When I took this photo, there is no one between us. I held my daughter and a white head with horns next to me was not a human, I guarantee it, “said Kim was quoted by Thesun, on Saturday (31/10/2015).

Kim added that the fingers are very long, over her shoulder and her daughter’s hand.

But what makes Kim cringe is an event that has occurred in the river 100 years ago.

In a newspaper once wrote that a 13-year-old girl named Doreen O’Sullivan has drowned in the river where Kim and her family took a picture.

In an article written by the Brisbane Courier 22 November 1915, said that Doreen died in a water hole.


original source http://lifestyle.okezone.com

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