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Jangan Sia-siakan Kuning Telur, Ini Manfaatnya!


Here are the facts, as reported by the Zeenews, on Friday (30/10/2015).

Sources of vitamin

The content of vitamin A and B were excellent in the yolk will be beneficial for the skin and energy.

Choline for brain

Egg yolks also contain choline, an essential nutrient for the health of the brain, muscles, and this is important for pregnancy.

Healty saturated fats

Levels of saturated fat in the yolk is good for hormone production and absorption of vitamins and minerals that soluble in fat.

Antioxidants comparable with apples

All parts of the contents of the egg contains antioxidants that are comparable with the apple.

Source of protein

Both yellow and white egg is a source of food protein, even though the white egg protein content in a little more.


original source http://lifestyle.okezone.com

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